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Real Estate Made Simple, Even in Complicated Times

The current global pandemic has halted countless industries. Thankfully, South Georgia’s real estate market is one sector that’s still growing strong.

When purchasing property in Georgia, trusted legal counsel is essential. At Whitehurst, Blackburn and Warren, one of the first interactions these clients have is with the firm’s real estate assistant, Linda Cauley.

“We’re involved from the very beginning of the real estate transaction process,” said Cauley. “Whether it’s by email, telephone conference, or information provided to us by bankers and realtors, we’re in the loop early on. We try to make it as convenient as possible for our clients and their lifestyles.”

Cauley, who has been with WBW since 1988 sans two years, has seen the techniques and practices used to secure property morph to fit our society’s current needs and demands, including social distancing.

Even public notary practices have now gone high-tech at WBW.

“With all of the pandemic issues that have come up in the past year,” said Cauley, “we’ve certainly had to make adaptations as far as online notary and remote and virtual closings. That’s definitely been a part of our process this year to keep everything running smoothly for our clients. It’s important to us that purchasing a new property is still a pleasant experience.”

For those unfamiliar with Georgia’s real estate legal practices, lawyers are utilized in the Peach State as soon as the deal is made between agents. Legal professionals prepare all critical documentation, acting as a safety net and go-between for the seller and buyer.

According to WBW Partner Joe Cargile, these lawyers and legal professionals can also be excellent resources for newcomers to the area. From home improvement recommendations to where to find the best coffee, these individuals know and love their community.

“When you come to this region, and certainly in Thomasville, it’s very common for this to feel like a much more personal experience,” said Cargile. “In more traditional times, you’d come into the office, sit down with our closing team, and have the seller across the table from you. You’re still able to do that now, but you have more options to fit your comfort level. I do think that’s something special and may be unique to a lot of small towns.”

In addition to purchasing a piece of what Linda calls “small town hospitality,” WBW Senior Partner Bill Blackburn, says that buying in South Georgia can, in many cases, simply be a good investment.

“Ownership is a great economic security for people,” said Blackburn. “A lot of people opt to go outside of the stock market and really use real estate as an investment, either with a home purchase, business, farm, or even a recreational property.”

For those currently and considering purchasing property in South Georgia or North Florida, please contact WBW at (229) 226-2161 or by visiting

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