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Mental Health Tips from the WBW Team

Updated: May 31, 2022

May is Mental Health Month, but we all know that mental wellness should be a priority year-round. Just as your physical health needs mindful attention, so too does mental health. So how does a busy attorney manage the stress of legal work while maintaining personal wellbeing? WBW's Joe Cargile shares a few easy ways he keeps the scales balanced.

1. Use a mindfulness app.

"I really like the Headspace app. It has short guided meditations and helps me refocus and re-energize during a busy day."

2. Exercise.

"This is huge for me. It doesn't have to be a long gym workout, but a 15-minute walk, playing with my kids, and just being active ups my endorphins."

3. Catch a movie.

"I'm a big movie fan, and sitting back to enjoy a movie helps me disconnect for a bit."

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