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Meet the Team: Leslie Akridge

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

If you work with the Whitehurst, Blackburn & Warren team on a family law matter, you’ll surely get to know Leslie Akridge, the WBW family law paralegal serving alongside partner Bill Blackburn.

Akridge spends 100% of her time exclusively working in the family law area of the practice. You’ll find her caring touch in every step of the process, from opening cases and participating in the initial discovery phase, to documenting evidence and preparing files, to prepping for and attending hearings with Blackburn.

“I love trial work,” says Akridge. “You could say it’s my niche.”

Even though Leslie has been a part of the WBW team for nearly a dozen years (actually, it will be 12 years in April – on the same day as her birthday), her interest in and exposure to the legal field started long before her WBW days.

“My mother was the clerk of Magistrate Court in Mitchell County for 22 years, so I kind of grew up around it,” Akridge explains.

Today, Leslie still lives in Mitchell County on her husbands’ family farm. They’re halfway between her office in Thomasville and his in Albany. Highschool sweethearts and married for 17 years, the couple have two daughters, Gracyn (15) and Tinsley (12).

“WBW is very family-oriented,” says Akridge. “I had super small kids when I started, and the firm has always been very accommodating. And the same transfers over to the atmosphere with my colleagues, and then onto our clients. We truly are a family.”

Akridge attended college off and on for nine years while getting married and becoming a mom. She then went back to school an got a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Thomas University, graduating in May 2020.

“I’ve considered law school in the future,” admits Akridge. “I guess only time will tell!”

For now, Akridge is fully focused on making the legal experience an excellent one for each client she works with.

“You don't come to a law firm unless you have a problem, especially in family law, and my heart just goes out to the people I meet,” she says. “When you come in, we don't pass judgement. We're here to help. Our goal is to look at what your story will be when it's over, not what we think of your situation now. We want to make you feel comfortable.”

The Akridge family stays busy, enjoying lots of outdoors hobbies like fishing, hunting, camping and gardening. The girls dance and Leslie is an avid reader. The family has a firm foundation of faith and Christmas is their favorite time of the year together.

Faith and generosity are traits Akridge shares with her WBW family, too.

“It was important to me to find that right attorney as a paralegal to work with. Bill is like a mentor to me. He's taught me to let people know what is best for them, and to work for what is best for the client. And I like how he and the firm have a firm faith, too,” she says.

“We jokingly call the partners 'bleeding hearts' because of their loyalty to this community. They always try to help everybody that comes through the door.”

So, if you’re coming to WBW with a family law matter, rest assured that you’re in Leslie’s capable hands.

“The best quality representation often takes time,” says Akridge. “You'll get to know me really well!”

To contact Leslie or another member of the WBW legal team, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, call us at 229-226-2161.

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