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Meet the Team: Irais Ramirez

If you’ve climbed the historic steps of 809 South Broad Street lately, you may have seen a new face smiling back at you. Thomasville native Irais Ramirez has joined Whitehurst, Blackburn & Warren as the receptionist, stepping into the role at the beginning of April 2023.

As with many receptionist positions, Irais takes on the responsibilities of warmly welcoming clients, handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, and facilitating communication between our clients and attorneys. However, Irais’s unique role extends beyond those duties, as she also serves as a valuable Spanish translator and interpreter.

"In a diverse society where language barriers can often hinder interactions, my role as a bilingual receptionist is crucial," explains Irais. "Fluent in both English and Spanish, I have the privilege of assisting clients from various backgrounds, ensuring that their needs are met with patience and understanding."

Irais first discovered the job opening through social media.

"At the time, I was working as a receptionist at a tax office when I came across the post indicating that WBW was seeking a bilingual receptionist," she recalls. "I visited the firm's website and applied for the position."

When asked about her favorite aspect of working at the firm, Irais expresses her enjoyment of meeting new people.

"I find client interaction truly fulfilling," she shares. "The environment here is different. Since our clients make appointments and visit more frequently, I have the opportunity to inquire about their families and establish deeper connections."

Customer service and attention to detail are among Irais’s top priorities.

"Sometimes, I face challenges with things like pronouncing client names, but I remind myself to be

patient, just as our clients are patient with me. I strive to be sensitive to their needs,” she explains. “And by communicating fluently with clients in their native language, I can alleviate their anxieties and build trust. I aspire to create a welcoming environment where clients feel respected, valued, and truly understood, just as I have felt here."

Outside of work, Irais leads a busy life raising her daughter, painting portraits in her spare time, and pursuing her Associate of Science in Nursing degree at Southern Regional Technical College:

"Becoming a nurse has always been my dream. I am currently working toward that goal and hope to remain at WBW throughout the process,”Irais says.

Finding the right legal team can be a daunting task, but rest assured, Irais is ready to take your call. She will attentively listen to your needs and schedule your free consultation. Don't hesitate any longer — contact WBW today at (229) 226-2161.

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