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Meet the Team: Gayle McFadden

If you’ve ever walked through the doors at 809 South Broad Street, you have probably seen, spoken to, or even worked with Gayle McFadden. A staple at Whitehurst, Blackburn & Warren, she has been a paralegal at the firm for more than 30 years.

“Everyone already knows me,” she laughs.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Gayle moved to Thomasville when her husband secured a job in the Tallahassee area. She brought to South Georgia an interest in the legal field and an Associate's degree in paralegal studies from the University of Miami. Her work experience also included employment with two insurance companies in Miami. There, she learned the insurance side of workers' compensation.

“I learned how insurance companies think and what their strategies are,” Gayle explains.

Her tenure at WBW began when a former attorney at the firm had just graduated law school and was looking for an assistant. “His wife came into my grandmother’s antique store, and my grandmother suggested me for the job,” Gayle says reminiscently.

After moving to Thomasville, Gayle continued her education earning a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Thomas University. She now works with all the attorney’s in the office and her experience encompasses many areas of law. Her specialties include workers' compensation cases and social security.

“Now, representing the claimant instead of the insurance company, I have a lot of client contact. I like talking with the injured parties and trying to help,” she says.

Gayle believes the most rewarding part of her job is the sense of satisfaction she feels by helping clients get the medical treatment and benefits they need after an accident.

“I enjoy getting people what they need in order for their life to resume and for them to pay their bills,” she adds.

Outside of work, Gayle enjoys relaxing and decompressing with her animals at her home in Boston, where she has two cows, 20 chickens, five dogs, and two cats. She also enjoys spending time with her family, two children Jennifer Self and Robby Self, as well as four grandchildren, Joshua, Joey, Elizabeth, and Chason.

When she describes the environment at Whitehurst, Blackburn & Warren, Gayle says, “It has always been a family-friendly welcoming atmosphere. I hope that clients feel that warmth when they walk in the door.”

“When you come in here for the first time, you may feel nervous and not know where to turn,” Gayle describes about a first time visitor. “You need someone who will listen to you – someone to help you come up with a solution for your problems and a strategy to fix them. We will work through the solution with you to achieve a positive result!”

Let Gayle and the experts at Whitehurst, Blackburn & Warren help you navigate your social security or workers' compensation claim. Call to schedule your free consultation today (229) 226-2161.

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