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Meet Samantha

When we say that the Whitehurst, Blackburn, & Warren difference is giving our clients the personal attention that we would want our own family members to receive, we mean it. Just ask Samantha Freeman, Legal Assistant to WBW attorney Bruce Warren.

Before her career at the Broad Street office began, Samantha was a client – just like you. “My husband and I closed on our home in 2018, and our realtor suggested WBW for closing. When interest rates began to drop during the pandemic, we refinanced our home at lower rate using WBW as our legal partner again,” Samantha explained of her experience.

Fast-forward one year and Samantha is now an integral part of the legal team who she once sought advice from. But she wasn’t even looking for a career change at the time. When asked how she became part of the WBW team, she replied, “It’s a funny story, actually. Mr. Warren called me about a week after we refinanced and said he had an opening.”

Samantha was hesitant to make a change because her career experience was in insurance. “I was a property and casualty insurance agent for 15 years,” she commented. “It took me a month to decide to accept the job because insurance was all I knew.”

Adding to the weight of the decision was the fact that she would be filling the role of a retiring employee who was in the position for 20 plus years. “I certainly have big shoes to fill,” Samantha says.

After weighing the benefits with her husband, Samantha accepted Mr. Warren’s offer and began her career with WBW in May of 2020. In her role, Samantha is responsible for face-to-face client interaction as well as behind the scenes tasks like scheduling and document preparation. She is also a notary.

“I love it,” Samantha exclaims of her career change. “I am so happy here. I learn something new every day about topics I never knew I was interested in.”

When she is not with her work family preparing for your case, Samantha enjoys chasing after her busy two-year-old daughter Chrissy. She takes time to relax with her husband watching their favorite tv shows after their daughter is asleep.

Samantha is proof of the WBW difference. She walked up the front porch steps in 2018 as a client and unknowingly left that day as a family member with a new career trajectory set in motion. She and the WBW staff are waiting with open arms to welcome you into the family.

To schedule your no cost, no obligation consultation call WBW at 229-226-2161.

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